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Default Re: RenderAccel, Xorg 7.1, nvidia... soon, I hope?

although i'm really waiting for a new driver (for aiglx), i'd have to comment that you can use the current driver with xorg 7.0 perfectly. the disappearing fonts in wine are caused by the 7.1 abi changes, not by lack of renderaccel support, which, from what i remember, has been present for quite a while, and is activated by default in 87xx. you'll also have disappearing fonts in gtk/qt apps if you use the wrong hinting settings.

also, i'd like to thank the nvidia linux driver team for the good support over the years. i know it's mainly meant for the professional industry, but there really are gamers playing on linux. i prefer linux over windows because you can notice a difference while playing. windows just doesnt run as smoothly as linux, and stutters a lot more, and i think linux helps boost my gaming skills with that. the competition doesnt seem to care about linux very much, so my next videocard will definiately be an nvidia again
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