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Default Re: NVNews Widescreen LCD Club (formally DELL thread)

Hi everyone. I'm not part of the club yet. But I'm saving for a Samsung 244T LCD 24" 1920x1200. Probably will have it this next August. I'm very excited about it since it will be my first LCD monitor ever. So considering it's size and resolution, I guess I'll be in AWE.

Yesterday, I finally decided to read the thread, starting at pages 60's or 70's, first months of 2005. In 24hours, it was nice to watch all the development since the last 18months. The price issues. The shipping issues. The image quality issues. Users sending their monitors back and forth. Users getting their first Dell 20xx series, others getting their first 24xx. Others getting their Westy 37", or the Dell 30". Very informative. And enthusiastic also. Really liked the photos some users posted of their monitors.

@slaWter, just a small observation. Just thought it's weird none of the others users noticed/mentioned it. A bit late cause I only read this thread yesterday. Don't be upset about it . It's nothing actually. I just noticed in some of ur posts, refering to your Dell 3007 LCD 30" 2560x1600:
Originally Posted by slaWter (post#795)
I'm going to try it for gaming at native res or 1280x800 (half of the native res)...
Originally Posted by slaWter (post#802)
But 1280x800 is half of the native resolution of 2560x1600. The quality should be better than with other resolutions.
Originally Posted by slaWter (post#947)
1280x800 is half of the native resolution, there is a problem with text (see picture below)... it looks a little bit blocky.
You can fit 4 rectangules 1280x800 inside a 2560x1600 rectangule.
1280x800 = 1024000 pixels
2560x1600 = (2x1280)x(2x800) = 4x(1280x800) = 4x1024000 = 4096000 pixels

So... 1280x800 is not half the resolution of 2560x1600. It's a quarter, 1/4.
Just because the width and lenght are half, it doesnt mean the area inside the rectangule will be half of what it was. The pixel area will be 1/4. And resolution is pixel area, and not pixel width or lenght.

Anyway, this goes to all the users, not just the guys with >24" monitors.
Very nice thread indeed. Anyone who wants to make sure it's a good move buying a Widescreen LCD, should read this.
You guys could also post pictures of the monitors and somebody actually using them, so we could have some more prespective (monitor size VS person size).

P.S.: I bought the DVD9 editions, but I'm really interested in having all the Lord Of the Rings movies in 1920x1080 resolution. Does someone knows how/where to get/download 1920x1080 full lenghts movies? Could someone post about it, or PM me ?
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