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Default Re: Best MMORPG for me?

How are bards in Everquest 2? I've been looking at Vanguard and I don't like their concept of a bard. I am leaning towards FFXI.

Here's some criticism of Everquest 2 from Amazon

"I was a long-time player of EQ1 -- playing since beta4. I loved the feeling of openness that EQ1 gave you, the feeling that you were in a world and could do whatever you wanted. Groups were a choice, not a requirement. Zones were scary and huge, but most had something to do at any level. You could buff someone as you ran by, or give 100p to a monster, shout it out to the zone, and watch the lowlevels swing into action to hunt that mob down before it despawned. The game was only limited by your imagination.

EQ2 doesn't deliver that same openness. Instead, you are railroaded into a series of zones and quests, and a single playstyle. It's like they took any chance for you, the player, to operate outside the planned experience that the developers had in mind for you.

Not to my liking at all. It lasted 2 months before I deleted it from my system. Compare that to 7+ years for playing EQ1. "

This may have been a very early version the reviewer was referring to. Anyone care to refute that persons point of view? This is a sensitive issue to me because I feel Baldur's Gate II was a step down from the original and that Oblivion is a step down from Morrowind for similar reasons pointed out above. A feeling of freedom is important to me.

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