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Default Re: RenderAccel, Xorg 7.1, nvidia... soon, I hope?

Originally Posted by zbiggy
I also would like to thank the nvidia linux driver team for the good support over the years. I hope before geforce6 leaves the market we will see support for its top feature - pure video.

As for competition ATI launches new drivers monthly. It is possible that ATI will be the first to support xorg 7.1 because for nvidia we have to wait very long. VIA has mpeg-4 acceleration. VIA has faster 2D as someone here said.
Do you know how long the vt's have been unusable with ati drivers? When trying to use ctrl+alt consoles, the system would totally lock up. I also had this when logging out (which, imho, is a basic feature of any multi-user system). From what i heard it finally got fixed in the last version, but the ati drivers dont even support the core feature of video cards very well: 3d acceleration. It's a pain in the ass to get that to work. And i doubt ATI will support xorg 7.1 soon. They didnt even have support for 6.8 until 7.0 came out.
I know purevideo isnt supported, but i havent missed it yet. Most of the video i watch is xvid anyway, and my cpu is fast enough to play h264 720p without problems.
And please leave VIA out of this discussion until i can play UT2004 at decent framerates with any of their chips.
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