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Default Re: RenderAccel, Xorg 7.1, nvidia... soon, I hope?

Originally Posted by Mephisto1982
And please leave VIA out of this discussion until i can play UT2004 at decent framerates with any of their chips.
That is a strange thing to say, as you are not comparing like for like. The via chipsets are not designed or intended for bleeding edge technology 3D rendering, the nvidia one are.

You have to look at it from the perspective of driver completeness with respect to the hardware, not with what the hardware can do for you. If you want to play a "new" game like UT2004, you get a gaming graphics card that has the power for it. Say you want to build yourself a media box for watching vids and dvd (and throw in a tv tuner for luck) using something like mini-itx or micro-itx, via is the way to go because it has the superior xvmc support and means you can build a fanless machine. Different chips, different uses, so don't dismiss via because it doesn't suit your needs (yet )
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