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Default Re: NVNews Widescreen LCD Club (formally DELL thread)

Well I got the monitor and it is an A02 version and it is really amazing looking. There are a few dead pixels though but I am not convinced it really noticable except when I put up a pure white full screen image up. I'd hate to exchange it and get one that is worse so I might just settle with this monitor.

Gaming wise it is kind of weird. On a games that support widescreen you are limited to whatever resolution they give you. Though on some games like Quake4 you can set a lower resolution that is 800x600 4:3 but customize the aspect ratio to 16:10 and it seems to be rendering right. Otherwise from the menu I am only allowed 1650x something or 1920x1200 butI can't play quake4 at either of those resolutions (way too slow with a 6800GT).

For applications though, I really welcome the extra space .
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