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Default GForce 5500 Blank screen & no response with debian 2.6.8-2 & Xorg 7.0 & 1.0.8762

Hi all,

Though I'm new here I already like this forum - everyone look very professional & helpful...

My problem is as follows:
I'm running a Debian testing release with 2.6.8 kernel (tried 2.6.15 & 2.6.16 too) Xorg 7.0 & Nvidia drivers (from nvidia site) ver. 1.0.8762.

When I try to start X (kdm for example) I get a blank black screen.
Cannot switch to other console (CTRL+ALT+F1 doesnt respond),
cannot restart X server (CTRL+ALT+Backspace doesnt respond),
cannot break (CTRL+C doesnt work).

The only thing I can do is CTRL+ALT+DELETE which reboots my machine as expected.

Moreover, immediately after I get switched to graphic mode - my PC beeps. Attempting one of the above mentioned key sequences results in another single beep.

If I let it be - not touching anything, after about 40 sec my screen returns to ASCII mode and starts FLASHING RED AND GREEN
It is very amusing, but is a little annoying after a while.
Once that happens - the machine stops responding to keyboard and has to be hard-reseted.

I have tried running kernels 2.6.14, 2.6.15, 2.6.16 with same success.
Tried installing debian repository drivers with module-assistant and all - nothing... I'm totaly frustrated with this.

I have a Gigabyte GeForce 5500 w/ 256MB connected to 2 17" CRTs.

Logs show that the hangup happens right after GLX component is loaded.

Also, there are very weird lines appearing in Xorg log:
(WW) NVIDIA(0): WAIT (2, 3, 0x8000, 0x00000000, 0x00000dc8, 0)

Any ideas?
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