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Default Re: NVNews Widescreen LCD Club (formally DELL thread)

Originally Posted by jAkUp

This monitor is awesome! No dead pixels, just awesome. By default it seems a little bright so I moved it down the the brightness setting of 40. I think overall the colors look way better than my high end CRT, but the blacks don't seem quite as good.. but thats ok.

I notice no lag, it just looks and runs awesome.

However, I am having the same problem that this guy is:

I did find out that running off VGA seems to fix it however... so I guess I will just run that for now.
That sounds like you need a bug report logging on Quad Sli & the 2005fpw.

Could I have your dxdiag and i'll get on it for you.

It is not how bad the problem is, but how badly it's hurting the person who has it......
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