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Thanks for your reply. I'll try to answer your questions in order. As to the score of 6986, using Madonion's online browser, I have been able to determine that this is a normal score for this motherboard/chipset. If I had been able to get any stability, I was going to overclock - this processor/mobo/memory combo runs at a 150 fsb no problem (with the voodoo card).

1. Bios is set for 4x agp traffic with SBA enabled. The 4200's properties, 3dmark and Sandra all agree.

2. AGP fastwrite is enabled. I disabled and re-ran 3Dmark 2001, score went from 6986 to 7517! So much for fast write.

3. I removed the Voodoo card in device manager, and uninstalled the 3dfx tools program from add/remove.

4. The driver is listed as

5. Aperture size is set to 64meg

6. Bios is flashed to the last version available (1.005) as Asus no longer supports this board because it's (choke) 2 years old. (Thanks Asus!)

After the fast write increase I ran 3dmark in loop mode for 40 minutes at default settings (1024X768 32 bit) with no problems. I started up GTA3 and did nothing at the games' opening screen (on the bridge) and it locked up in 48 seconds. I got Aquanox bundled with this card, so I installed and played through the 1st part, taking my time and moving about in a non-linear fashion. After the 1st mission had completed, I exited the game, rebooted and restarted the game. It locked up in just under 2 minutes!

I could handle this nonsense if it always locked up. That would mean a power supply problem, or a heat problem, but it just blows me away that 3dmark runs forever, and all games run fine the first time. That proves that the system can handle it. I keep going back to what changes between the initial game play and subsequent reloads. Did I mention that the 4200 can't even do 640X480/16 on reloads, but runs initially at 1024X768/32?
At this point I agree that a complete windows re-install is the next logical move, but I think I would rather shoot myself than deal with 60 gigs. Or I could just re-install my V3-3K and play games at 800X600 16 bit until I can afford a whole new system that the 4200 can handle. Sort of like buying a whole new car because the battery won't hold a charge!

If you (or anyone else) has any further suggestions, please post. You might just be preventing a suicide. (Just kidding folks).
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