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Default Re: 3DMark06 Benchmark Results

I just recently got more ram and a new video card so I ran the test a few different times with the pc in the sig.

First was with an ATI X600 and 1gb ram: 371 3dmark and 1408 cpu

Second was with the X600 oc'ed 20% and 1gb ram: 440 3dmark and 1430 cpu (I don't know why this would have increased the cpu)

Third was with 20% oc'ed X600 and 3gb ram: 441 3dmark and 1430 cpu (I guess ram won't be important in the future)

Finally was with a new 7600GT and 3gb ram: 3214 3dmark / 1333 sm2.0 / 1203 hdr/sm3.0 / 1395 cpu (I wonder why the cpu decreased?)
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