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Default Re: nforce 2 and SuSe 10.1

Originally Posted by cjspinelli
Thanks for the help! I actually got sound out of my Asus A7N8X Deluxe in SUSE 10.1, YEAH!!! I am using Xine with the extended options selected. I am not getting digital output though, only stereo. I have a coaxial cable going from my mother board to a Cambridge SoundWorks DTT3500 decoder (5.1 surround). I have put "hw:0,2" in pretty much every place I could in Xine. Any thoughts?
I'm still trying to figure out the 5.1 myself... I'm still doing a little tweaking here and there.

Is your center channel working? if not, use
$ alsamixer
$ alsamixergui
and find where the center channel is, unmute it, and adjust according to your tastes

As for the 5.1, once I get it working, I shall post it here. I've got a few things to try when I find the time.
I'm also trying to get the multi-channel thing working (I think that's the term... i.e. play xmms music at the same time as a cedega game), more on that as I figure it out.

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