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Default Sounds problems

Great guide, although I couldn't quite get it to work.

Redhat 8.0 is up and running, but I don't have sound or GLX (had to disable it in XF86Config in order to load X11). I'm a bit of a newbie to linux (coming to it from Mac OS X), so I may be overlooking something that will be obvious to those of you with more experience.

When I try to launch ALSA Sound Mixer, I get an empty window. If I select preferences from the file menu, I get an error: "Application "gnome-alsamixer" (process 22744) has crashed due to a fatal error. (segmentation fault)"

In var/log/messages I have:

Mar 25 21:44:41 localhost alsasound: Starting sound driver: snd-intel8x0
Mar 25 21:44:41 localhost kernel: intel8x0: clocking to 47432
Mar 25 21:44:41 localhost alsasound: done
Mar 25 21:44:41 localhost alsasound: No mixer config in /etc/asound.state, you h$Mar 25 21:44:41 localhost rc: Starting alsasound: succeeded

This makes me think that the drive is working, but perhaps I'm wrong?

If anyone has any ideas, or can tell me where to start looking, I'd sure appreciate it.
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