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Default Re: nforce 2 and SuSe 10.1

PS - I really wish nVIDIA would make a new nFORCE driver, or at least give a detailed step-by-step instruction manual on how to get digital audio with the nForce 2, SoundStorm chipset. In every post I read about this problem, the wonderful advice from the nVIDIA representative is to "use the built in audio framework in the current kernel for sound." Well great, how about a little more help! Anyway, I am rambling now...
Yeah, I made the exact same gripe elsewhere heh

Originally Posted by cjspinelli
No I am not getting any sound out of my center channel. I used alsamixer and the volume under the "Center" is 100% and not muted. I also discovered lastnight something interesting while configuring Amarok with the Xine engine:

In Amarok 1.4.1-beta1 I went to

Settings -> Configure Amarok. . . -> Engine

In the top pull down menu I selected the "Xine enigne" as the Sound System. There are four options under "ALSA Device Configuration"
4 Channels:
6 Channels:

I started off by putting "hw:0,2" in the "6 Channels" spot. When I tried to play the example file I got the following the error:
"Audio Output Unavailable; the device is busy"

When I put "hw:0,2" in the stereo, I got sound from my front left and front right speakers, just like the actual Xine player.

Based on your previous postings it made it sound like you got the digital output to work. But then you said you still haven't gotten 5.1 to work? I was a little confused by that statement.

The Cambridge SoundWorks DTT3500 decoder I am using has a green light at the bottom of the unit that illuminates when it senses a digital signal. With the old nVIDIA drivers that light was always on from startup, and the 5.1 sound worked great. However, it has never come on, even when I get the stereo sound. Just thought you might like to know. Thanks again for your help, it is great to have sound back even if it is only stereo.
Well, the way my reciever is setup, it show's the individual speakers... it's actually only showing stereo for me as well. I guess I should have clarified that a little, usually I have all the speakers lit up with the nforce drivers (when they worked).

Still trying to figure out how they set it up heh, glad to have another person doing the same chase. Will let you know as I make progress.
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