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Since the release of 3DMark03, there has been some uncertainty about which drivers to use for impartial and useful benchmarking.

Based on the feedback we have received from users worldwide, all official performance listings at will be derived entirely from results obtained with WHQL’d drivers.

Microsoft’s WHQL is an important program that guarantees reliability and consistent performance in users’ daily computing needs. Futuremark endorses WHQL as a positive aspect of consumers’ computing experiences and we officially support the use of Microsoft WHQL drivers.

To accommodate an enthusiastic community of users who wish to experiment and learn more about maximum performance of their hardware, Futuremark will also enable comparisons of results obtained by non-WHQL’d drivers. To ensure objectivity, benchmark results will be clearly separated between both categories.
Ok, so what this means is that we will continue to allow the use of any driver-type (beta, unofficial, WHQL, modded etc etc), but we will distinguish the WHQL drivers in the ORB by marking them. They will have a column that clearly displays that they are WHQL.

And FYI, in the non-WHQL category, we will also re-enable the Detonator 42.67, 42.68 42.69 drivers.

Please note that this task will require some time. Please be patient. We will set this as our ORB priority #1, but it will still require a lot of work and time. .
Looks like the community has spoken!!!

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