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Originally posted by Solomon
This is what they should have done in the beginning. This result is from their fan base upset in the way they just removed certain versions. It's sad that they choose this path not because they seem they wanted too, but because of the pressure their users with their feedback was saying.

They should of done this way back in the 3DMark99 stage. Only use WHQL for official comparising, leave the beta, modded for the individual user who wants to see the performance of "beta" or "modded" drivers on their particular system.

Just funny how peer pressure still works these days! Hehe.

D. Solomon Jr.
their WHITEPAPER states this though solomon... the exact same sentiments...

it is not in their hands unfortunately what the reviewers are going to do when told to bench with specific drivers...

besides... this is hardly going to stop reviewers from using the particular drivers in question for benching... i doubt submitting results is a top priority... I have not personally seen too many compare links
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