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4 . <Scott> To Mr. RehBock: Can we expect significant performance and quality enhancements in terms of AA and AF in the upcoming NV products? ( e.g NV35 )
<NV_Bill> Absolutely; the AA and AF enhancements were a key consideration in the overall design of the GF FX family.
Uh.. sure.. right.

I think this answer was definitely all PR, unless you consider the fact that the only real changes made for AA and AF were to add driver options to castrate the AF (turning off / down the use of trilinear filtering unless in Application mode) and to add a couple additional (useless, no less, based on IQ comparisons with the modes that were already available on the GF4 that carried over) software-based AA modes. I'm afraid that from what I've seen of the IQ capabilities of the GF-FX, I'd be running in what I consider to be GF4 emulation mode- ie. 4xS or lower AA, application mode with 8x or lower aniso enabled. The only improvement I see as far as AA and AF are concerned is just based in reality on speed improvements in the new chip- basically, it can run higher AA and aniso modes playably than the GF4 could. The downside is that since ATI did such a bang-up job with the R300, even the increased levels (playable, remember) aren't really a match for the levels that are still playable on the 9700.

Heh. Interesting read though.
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