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Default Re: Windows 2000 system crashed, GeForce MX 4000 AGP

I removed CMOS battery for couple minutes.

Flashed 1.13 bios (1999) to most recent AX63 1.31 (2002). Can now boot CDs without Seagate's DDO.

Win 2000 SP3 cd won't repair - error 7..?

With Seagate cd, HD (which is jumpered as master and per Seagate's literature extra limit jumper to allow old machine to see large HD) tests passed; Seagate system test passed with inconsistencies.

Occassionally BIOS wouldn't recognize CDROM-RW or when mounting cd just freezes.
So I put in different CDROM (R only) for now (but my son needs writeable..?)

Try to reinstall win2000 but only sees 33 gb instead of 137 gb.

Reformatt HD using Seagate CD ntfs, but now DDO is installed.

Reinstall Win2000, sees 137gb; says it needs to reformatt. said ok. copies system files, and initializes, then after auto reboot, windows never loads. .? can't proceed with system driver update nor sp4 upgrade...

Help, Thanks,
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