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Default Install driver 8762 - mission impossible

Hi All,
Sorry for my bad english, i am 40 years old Polish citizen and russian education .
In drivers NVidia is BIG Error, install is in kernel vanilia newly than 2.6.17 is impossible! I tested any patches found in Forum.
Info: with any ohter (oldest) kernel version this driver installed.
Error typical (deleted log, sorry): no kernel version found.
Any patchs tested. No effect. Compiled directly from /src/nv - nvidia.ko to modules properly, no after destroyed ALSA (kernel unknown version is... ect.).
Please help me.
Logs i include in a moment.

PS I user PVR card PV7000, support for this in kernel 2.6.18.rc1 - first
Atachments included. ALSA function properly in console (eg. mp123) to time include module nvidia.ko (manual). Installer - in log.

This is not sources problem. I installed from sources many times. Sources is properly in /usr/src/linux (link), linked in /lib/modules/{name kernel}/kernel/ ...
No any errors kernel compilation. Kernel version (manuallly edited): 2.6.18-rc1. Linux distro - Yoper.

Edit: I tested "in march" many versions kernels (2.6.10, 2.6.11, 2.6.1, 2.6.17, 26.17.4, 2.6.18-rc1) and many versions drivers NVidia (my card is GF5200U): 6629, 7167, 6111, 8762. OS Linux Yoper.
Effect: all installation sucsesfully, ALSA OK, no conflicts, zero boot errors, no problems with X.
But only kernels version >2.6.17 plus ANY NVidia graphics drivers - effects identical: "..Unable to determine the version of the kernel sources located in '/lib/modules/2.6.xxxx/source'.."

Maybe this is kernel error?

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