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Default Duke Nukem Forever - Old George is talking pretty boldy

I decided to check out the Duke Nukem Forever forums for the first time tonight. George Broussard seems to really talk the talk when speaking of DNF.

A few quotes from his recent posts regarding the games graphics (that's why I was really looking at the forums because I was thinking the UT engine would be showing its age)...

"We have some impressive technology to boot. Anyone who thinks we look like the 2001 video is going to be surprised."

"In all honesty you're going to want a GF3 level card or better (as good as you can afford). If you go lower, you will lose lots and lots of graphics quality - especially vertex/pixel shader effects. This loss will lessen the visual impact quite a bit. It will work on a GF2, but it's just not going to look as good."

"We don't look anything like the 99 screesnhots anymore and lave lots of pixel and vertex shaders in the game."

"I know we're going to target the 1 Ghz range for "average" play. If you are under, it won't be as good, and if you are in the 2+ Ghz range then things should be nicer.
Don't upgrade your systems We won't know full specs until we're done.
But I can assure you that you will want a GF3 or better video card. That's an absolute certainty."

"The delay has been primarily two things. Struggling with tech (which we're pretty much over the hump) and being very, very ambitious with the game. The level of detail and custom content is pretty high. We'd have been much better off making a game that takes place in a generic space station, than tyring to do Vegas, and surrounding areas, each of which require totally new art and level elements. "

"I think the only game that will have superior graphics will be Doom 3. And that's nothing to be ashamed of."

If ya want to look at some of his other posts, just do a search for user 578 here -
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