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Originally posted by Sazar
their WHITEPAPER states this though solomon... the exact same sentiments...

it is not in their hands unfortunately what the reviewers are going to do when told to bench with specific drivers...

besides... this is hardly going to stop reviewers from using the particular drivers in question for benching... i doubt submitting results is a top priority... I have not personally seen too many compare links
Exactly, their whitepapers state this, but never "done anything" to show it. When they removed those individual driver sets. Their community blew up at them. With that, they are finally doing what their "white papers" said it should. I guess it was the, "If it ain't broke don't fix it" mentallity all this time.

I agree this won't stop "online reviewers", but for print magazines I believe it's a different story. I believe all the "Add-on manufacturers" as well use use the WHQL results or they have been. Not sure though.

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