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Default Re: Prey Feedback Thread

All fall down is not the demo level. The game is good but after a while I have started to feel that its just a standard linear FPS. A solid one at that, but the enemy AI is just not challenging enough and the respawning with nearly full health after the spirit mini game is no fun, since the enemy has lost its half health so you are virtually in God mode at all times.

Apart from that complaint the level design, though linear, is still well done. There has been times I had to think what I had to do, something that hasn't happened since Farcry (and occassionally in FEAR).

Other than that, game is excellent, performance is excellent, graphics are well done, weapon sounds are weak but I guess its a trait of Doom 3 powered games since they tend to recycle sounds (apparently). I do however have objections to the amount of gore in this game. Its good and all, but sometimes its outright disgusting (like the clit like openings, bleeding holes, the penis shaped thingie that drops explosive pods), really its sad at times.

Overall, I feel its a solid 8-8.4 experience. Will post more when I am done with the game.
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