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Default Re: Prey Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Gaco
That screenshot you took there slaWter sure looks like something from HL2: Episode 1

Anyway OWE I looked up the Triton service on wikipedia and it looks as like you must be online in order to play it:

That screenshot you took of Triton really looks a lot like Steam. The interface, My Games, Find Games, My Media and News. Totally Steam like

Won't be in Europe until friday but in delighted to see the predominantly positive feedback
According to their FAQ, the latest version of the player is supposed to allow offline playing. Of course, I haven't been able to get that working yet though so maybe it's planned and not there yet or something.

Anyway, I agree with the others, the level design is really good and the atmosphere is great.

Edit: Here is the info from the Triton FAQ on offline play.

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