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Default Re: Post here if you think nVidia should hurry the **** up with their XOrg 7.1 driver

hope nvidia can sync its development cycle with the open source cycle, specially xorg development

Nvidia developers can see code changes being implemented in xorg tree months ahead of its stable release unlike proprietary systems (like MS Windows) and that should help them modify their drivers to accommodate the impending release. Hence i believe delay in updating drivers for new packages / OS should be minimum for open source systems.

Drivers for Linux / BSD should also turn out to be more stable as Nvidia can track down the exact cause for the bug, and fix it or suggest / contribute changes to be implemented in the upstream package that are developed in a open environment.

As Nvidia cannot begin QA testing for stable release until code freeze in upstream package (like xorg or kernel) they can atleast put out a Beta simultaneously, so that the really bleeding edge enthusiasts can get their hands dirty and report bugs when they encounter one. (Availability of a alternative like open source "nv" driver really helps to track down a bug that is specific to either driver)
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