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Default Re: Post here if you think nVidia should hurry the **** up with their XOrg 7.1 driver

Originally Posted by Robster
Ouch. Another day, another lame thread about what nVidia "should" do.

Read the archives, the issue has been thrashed out from every possible angle. nVidia is not a benevolent participant in the Linux or development, it is a commercial entity which acts in what it sees as its commercial interests. I don't know what value Linux support adds for nVidia (in terms of $$$) but you can bet that a few hundred whining home computer users who want the latest in X11 eye-candy don't figure very highly!

The whole 3D desktop thing is new, in a couple of years it will be established and well-supported. Throwing a tantrum about wanting it RIGHT NOW won't speed it up at all.
I somehow doubt profanity will speed things along either. The moderators posted a month ago that the Xorg 7.1 compatible drivers should be out in August.
1. Do any current distros even use 7.1 yet? ("test" releases don't count...)
2. Does anyone here know what a "development schedual" is?

Okay, I know most of you do. And most of you are avoiding this thread like the plague....
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