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Default Re: Prey Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by GamerGuyX
For the love of God, can somebody please tell me what to do here:

I for the life of me can't figure it out. That damn bird keeps going on top of the screen yet I can't comprehend what that has to do with anything. Spirit walking over to the other side does not open the door. I know this is one of those stupid things with a simple solution but eh...

if thats the part i think it is, you need to leave your body on one side then spirit walk across the "spirit bridge" heh, look up into the vent and fire an arrow at the gizmo that flips everything around. then when u get back to your body you should be able to jump down that vent and get to the other side and shoot the room shifter deal again. thats if that is the part i think it is.
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