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Default Re: Prey Feedback Thread

"its dark in here, im DOOMED." hehe

slight chance some of this might be considered spoilers.

well all i can say is ENTHRALLED. i cant recall the last time i got so caught up in a game. at first i was looking at the ways i could compare it to d3/q4, and i believe i missed out on a portion of the game doing so. (that's ok,i'm replaying in cherokee mode) but somewhere along the lines i completely forgot about those games, and it just became it's own game. very few games have pulled me into it's world, original half life being one, and the theif series always did a pretty good job. while i would'nt consider it "epic" like the o.g half life, it did a fine job of pulling me in.

i can't resist - flatout bitchen! (yea im a washed up skater dude) i think they timed it well pulling you away and into the spirit world. they also did a nice job of changing pace period. far from just tromping down corridors and hallways all game long. there are some bizarre puzzles (the "rubics" cube thing stumped me) but nothing too impossible or teeth nashing. awesome visuals, and i mean AWESOME. (and with that, i'm playing this on a low end sputtering system). the music i think is great. fits the mood of the particular setting, impressed. flying - yet again another cool thing. at one point i was cruising thru those tube deals, and it was like a matrix movie scene flashback. pretty neat. ahhhh and i got a kick out of watching, dodging and listening to the asteroids

i could go on, but then this would just be a big spoiler. the fact is, this is a shooter. there is no grappling, hangliding, spy suits, leg kicks, or tuck roll and fire moves. and if that's what your looking for, i'll still say i think your missing out.

my only disapointment is a story related deal. i got over that particular moment and moved on.

my play time was either 10:01 or 9:49. when i first finished it said 10:01. then when i re-opened the game it said 9:49. keep in mind tho i did check every lil corner and i found myself listening to the "art bell" radio transmissions from earth.(i actually skipped a quarter of the transmissions, once i got consumed by the game i wanted to hear what was going on "back" on earth) and of course i stopped and read what every monitor had on it (you know,the alien language that got transcoded)

im not sure if you have to watch the credits or you can press esc,(i watched them of course) but theres a lil goody at the end.

many thanks to 3drealms, humanhead and id. i had a blast.
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