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Default AGP, Option "NvAgp" "0"

I posted on the old forum b4 it went down, here goes again.

to get the nvidia drivers to work i have to set the line in XFree86config-4 to "Option "NvAgp" "0""

if set to 1,2,3 it will lockup my machine, requiring a hard reset.

i have a feeling that the performance (low FPS) in quake3 and return to castle wolfenstien should be better, and assume this is probably why.

I am using mandrake 8.2 with a budget motherboard that has onboard sis sound, sis nic, a chaintech geforce4 MX 440, and a Duron 1.2Ghz
XFree86 4.2, nvidia driver 2960

any thoughts on why i cannot use nvagp ?
will this affect the performance ?

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