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Need to fix GeForce 2...
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Default Suggestions to fix ghosting, etc. on GeForce 2 GST/Pro?

I'm looking for suggestions to diagnose/fix ghosting on a GeFore 2 GTS/Pro under Fedora 3 on a dual PIII/800 machine. By ghosting I mean a white edge on vertical edges which smears across the screen, esp. noticeable when smearing over light-coloured backgrounds. Its just started doing this full-time for no particular reason I can make out.

I have done quite a few things to try locate the fault myself; these suggest to me that the fault most likely lies with the card, including:

- Using another screen and cable doesn't make it go away (many people suggest the "usual" cause for ghosting is cable/signal issues; in this case it can't be it...?).

- Swopping the two (main RAM) memory cards around.

- Interference from other devices (switched off everything else, also tried taking the machine off the UPS).

- Cleaned out the machine for the hell of it (lots of dust; in particular I cleaned the fans and cooling fins).

- Tried with both the SMP and single CPU Linux kernels at boot time.

I haven't (yet) tried installing newer drivers, but it has worked for years under the current ones, so unless the new ones provide extra diagnostics, I can't see the value.

Also haven't tried replacing the batteries on the motherboard; no chance this could be a factor?

Haven't fooled around in BIOS either.

Please don't suggest replacing the machine, I need it. I could try sourcing a replacement card, but I can't imagine it'll be that easy as it's been long out of production and I don't really want to take days/weeks over this.
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