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Default I need 20-30 Alpha testers for my new MMORPG

Hi I know I just signed up but I hope you don't consider this spam. I was referred to this forum by a fellow member I met, who said some of you may be interested:

Info, Screenshots, etc: Link:

Info from my site:
Decayed of Zombies is a 2D cross-platform game is about having a fun time playing as a zombie in a world where humans are oppressing the zombie race. You must fight them off to remain undead, while other zombie factions are competing with you to become the biggest, strongest zombies.

This game is a "Sort-of" MMORPG. The idea is to have as many people playing at once as possible. The server has been written to support very large amounts of users (1000+), but right now I'd be very happy if we could get to an average of 100 players online at a time. Of course this won't happen until the game is actually finished, but the code is really progressing. Sound/Art is the major setback because I stink at making it myself. Lots of cool stuff is already done in the game like scrolling maps, monsters and items, inventory, chatting and more.

What will you test:
You will test every gameplay element. Basically the point is its hard to truly test a mmo without the mm part. We only have a few people testing various aspects but the game is at a point where I could use some people who are seriously interested in the game and would like to get a jump start on the game and spend some time playing it!

Ideally I'd like as many people as possible, so that I can see what kind of server hardware/uplink I will need for release, and can read players suggestions for future direction of the game design.

The game world is not fully finished and as new areas are completed they will be opened up for your testing and playing.

Theres no formal time requirement but I'd ask that if you only plan to spend 1 hr a week playing you do not inquire. About 3-4 days per week, some time playing would be nice so that with 20 or so people there will usually be a decent size population online to interact and have wars between factions, etc.

Email me if you are interested:
cyberneticwraith [at] phreaker [dot] net

Include the following information:
Your name (optional)
Your forum name
Your internet connection speed
Your general location (State if your are in USA, or specify what country you are in if not USA)
The typical days/times you'd be interested in playtesting the game.
Any other info you want to include, comments, questions, etc

By the way this game will be completely free when released. I've dedicated alot of my time to this game over the past year and really just want to get the satisfaction of seeing other people enjoy what I've created thus far and will create in the future.

(For any who want to know, you can see other programs I've created here:
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