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Default Re: *** Official EverQuest II Screenshot thread ***

- the textures look like crap (see below... on noes, teh tilez!!1!)
- the engine is incredibly badly optimised (designed for next-gen cards my arse! So why does it chug so badly indoors then, eh?!)
- the shadow/lighting system is all hype and no substance
- zones? lol!

So overall, no I'm really not impressed.
Are you crazy? You must be delusional. The lighting and shadows are excellent, and it chugs so bad indoors because EVERY SINGLE THING casts a shadow, plus there is far more geometry than in outdoor zones. ZONES? OMG! That -10 seconds is simply unbearable

I also love turning on the Floral Displacement, because the grass will move like it's blowing in the breeze which looks really cool. Plus, the game has only IMPROVED in performance for me as time goes on... I have a 7600 GT overclocked and it handles the game very very well.

I think EQ2 should recieve an award for how well it's grown and improved by leaps and bounds from launch and has now become the premier MMO out there.
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