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Default Re: Vampire - The Masquerade Bloodlines ...FPS!!

I played Vampire the entire way through 2 yrs ago without encountering any showstopping bugs. Come to think of it, I can't remember any bugs at all. This is directly out of the box without any fan patches applied.

Found it to be an amazing game. Great story, great lines, great voiceovers, great music. I'd imagine its selling for $15 or less in the bargain bin these days. If you haven't tried it but are thinking about it, its worth a shot. If you tried Sin Episodes for $18 when it came out, but finished it in 2 days or found it to be more of the same old same old then this is definitely worth the same $$. At the very least Vampire is original and unique. And if you dig it you will get 35-50 hours out of it.
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