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Default Re: Vampire - The Masquerade Bloodlines ...FPS!!

Its a good game thats true. So far i am enjoying it. It looks good too, like apart from funny looking character model movements (lol) the game still looks good.

So far i like it. But its sad to see the fps drop to 30s outside ><..its not all the time its just a bit dodgy.

Also AA is kinda messed up. If i enable AA via the control panel and then run the game, the console is a bit missed up letters and stuff is a bit off, and the game engine dosen't have AA control in the game, but i ran it on 1280x1024(not sure why 960 isen't there :/) but when i ran it at that ress with no aa/app control in the CP it was pretty i cauldn't notice the jaggy in it..i think the game might have some option in it by default it enables AA.

But yea its a good game, good decent graphics even for now day and story so far is intresting.

Also the game is pretty cheap now.
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