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Originally posted by StealthHawk
and yet nvidia is listed as a "Technical Partner" on the official S.T.A.L.K.E.R actually I doubt that.
Just means nVidia work closely with them to supply driver updates and tech support, and supply any info they might need. IIRC they're getting help using Cg and implementing shader effects for stuff like rusted metal, should look v. nice. As long as the method they use isn't nV proprietary

Ask Doomtrooper for a copy of the email the Dev sent him.. I think he's got it printed and framed on his wall

That was a month ago or something.

Ok, found the thread here.

Oles V. Shishkovtsov

In fact, the graphics engine is developed on Radeon9700
We demand special support from FX driver guys, 'cause in pure/standart
DX9 it's impossible so run the engine on FX, at the moment.
Yes, FX will be slightly faster, but in the margin of several

So, don't worry, your card will be excelent performer in

Best regards,
Oles V. Shishkovtsov
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