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Default Re: Vampire - The Masquerade Bloodlines ...FPS!!

Well captn. If you like KOTR and Oblivion, you wont be dissapointed with Vampire bloodlines. Again I played KOTRII first and Oblivion and Vampire Bloodlines (never played otherone), and so far i love all 3 of the games..KOTR will have to be my favourite so far.

Plus the game is cheap now, i saw it over here in AUS for 20AU

PS: The game looks still great thx to the HL2 Engine. The only problem is the random slowdowns in city areas..kinda like oblivion but not really that bad..its ok. And the annoying character models in cutscenes..i mean..jesus..i fell of my chair laughing when i saw one of the first parts where my main guy was moving like a retard.
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