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Default Re: Post here if you think nVidia should hurry the **** up with their XOrg 7.1 driver

Originally Posted by isez2001
What makes you guys so sure there IS an ETA?
We are not sure.
official: date unknown
unofficial: August 2006

Originally Posted by isez2001
On a purely speculatory note, has observed trends in the nVidia release cycles that call for a "major" release ~every six months, followed by a "minor" bugfix release about a month later.

For reference, 8762 was released 22 May 2006. I'll let you do the math.
I think this observation is true. Driver with xorg 7.1 support will be launched faster because some distro makers will push on Nvidia. Some distro makers can be in hurry to show nice and fast desktop before Vista arrives.
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