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Default Re: Fatal trap 12 while exiting any OpenGL app (1.0.8762)

If I recall correctly off-hand, you need to build the kernel with the KDB/DDB options and then follow the other steps below; I usually build with:
options KDB # Enable kernel debugger support.
options DDB # Support DDB.
options BREAK_TO_DEBUGGER # Remote break to kdb> console
options ALT_BREAK_TO_DEBUGGER # Remote break to kdb> console
options CONSPEED=115200 # Serial console speed
There's no need to build the kernel with DEBUG information or with KGDB support. You can redirect the console to the serial line via the device.hints, with the following entry (for the first serial port):
At the time of the crash, the kernel debugger should present you with a prompt; please run the `trace` and `show reg` commands and post the output.

It's interesting that you only see the problem when enabling support for the FreeBSD AGP driver; this path isn't well excercised due to a variety of compatibility and stability problems and limited chipset support. I'll see if I can reproduce the problem locally.
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