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Default Re: Vampire - The Masquerade Bloodlines ...FPS!!

Originally Posted by zodiaK
Lots of XP when you kill him too.

Which is one of my favorite parts about the game, the many different ways to finish (most) quests. You're given XP bonuses if you learn things through dialog with Beckett, can intimidate the guy in the sewers into giving up if your intimidation is high enough, etc. It really makes the replayability go through the roof when you know there's a lot of things you missed due to not having the right stat spread. Being able to go in guns blazing or try a stealth route really adds a lot.

With that said, once you hit the sewers its all down hill.

How do you kill the Were.... ??? As far as I can remember,its the resistance leader that does him in,any attempt at real combat with that geia defender results in quick death... I loved the game,and have played 5 out of the 7 or so clans available.The story was kick ass,and the voice acting was top notch as well.Great graphics,ran it on a 5900XT at he time,and it ran ok,but choppy at it flies,with nary a slow down.Been through it twice as a Gangrel and 3 times as a Malk.The final patch fixes allot of stuff and makes it VERY playable overall,shame about the devs,the pumped out some great titles in thier time.
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