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Default Re: Prey Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by MindBlank
I too tried to start off from where the demo left off, although i ran into a bit of a problem. So i step into the portal, which takes me "beyond" the demo. It loads just fine, but as soon as it starts, i can't see my weapons. They're literally not on the screen. They appear in my inventory, i can switch between them, i can shoot, zoom etc, but they don't show up. Has anyone ran into this bug?

What do i do now? Do i start over (though i have no guranteee that when i reach this level again, it'll work) or is there a fix maybe?
I just loaded the my last save game prior to the end, and replayed the part from where the little kid get impaled on through the portal and into the next level, and it worked fine.
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