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Default Re: SLI / Suse10.1 Installation

Well, I've gotten SuSE 10.1 to run on an SLI rig, but haven't yet gotten it to enable SLI (though I only barely might work simply after doing what I write below).

Anyway, the first problem that I had was that upon running SaX2, SuSE would select the second video card as being the primary. To ameliate this, I ran SaX2 with the following:
SaX2 -c 0

...this tells SaX2 to only initialize one of the video cards, the first one. This is, I believe, actually what you want to do to get SLI to work.

One other thing, if the X server is actually not starting, the log in /var/log should give some hints as to where it's going wrong. One thing that happens frequently with this kind of setup if it's not configured quite right is that the screen will go blank upon starting X (though X will be running).
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