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Unhappy Component out produces garbled screen

I've been trying to get my HDTV set working with a GeForce 7300 with driver version 8762. TV is a mitsubishi WS-65909, which can do 1080i/540p, 480i, and 480p. During the whole process, I've run into 3 overall problems:

1. Setting TVStandard to HD1080i produces garbage on my screen. The highest mode that will work is 480p, and I can evidently only get to 800x600 with it. (720x480 at 16:9)

2. Every time I try to add in custom modelines to get 1080i to work, they are never picked up (Xorg.0.log show that there were no valid modelines for any of my custom modes).. It appears in later driver revs TV modes became fixed. Unfortuantely, the older drivers won't run my card.

3. There is no TVStandard setting for 540p. Evidently, many 1080i displays will display better if it has 540p data, and let the display convert it to 1080i. Regardless if this is true or not, there is no reason not to let people set it.

If anyone knows of something I can do (short of spending money on a VGA - Component transcoder), I'd surely appreciate it!

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