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Default poor kde X windows performance after restart

Issue: After installing the nvidia driver set I started x and kde ran like a dream it booted almost completly before the beginning music finished, programs flew open tuxracer worked without a hitch. I went to a couple of the mandrake config screens I don't remember which ones unfortunately and I rebooted.
Before when I started x the Nvidia graphics logo didn't show up. This time it did, but with it came a very sluggish x windows. When kde first loads it blinks on the loading windows manager part 40 + times then comes to a background screen and takes approx. two to four minutes to finish booting. If I get a program to load at all then they run relatively smooth but still not as fast as before.

Install process: hit f1 at mandrake install cd prompt typed patch enter. Proceeded to do a install of my system again. Booted to kde and changed my graphics card to a geforce3 just so I could get the 4.10 xfree86 version and XF86Config-4 file to be used. Downloaded the kernel source rpm and the glx source rpm to a directory labeled NV. Then exited kde su to root cd to NV ran rpm --rebuild NV* let it find the path to my kernel ??? then cd to the path i think cd /usr/src/RPM/RPMS/i686 ran rpm -ivh NV*
Everything completed okay but I got that messaged outlined in the faq about the libcore files e.t.c that are older mesa versions to be renamed so they could be repaced by the nvidia version of them. Finally I configured my XF86Config-4 file to say nvidia as the driver load glx in the module section.

My system: Custom built/K7S5A 735 chipset/AthlonXP1700/512 pc133/Gforce4 MX420/
My bios is set to non plug and play os/allocate pci to vga bus or something like that---not at home-----/agp graphic win size is 64 no option for other agp timing settings e.t.c
Mandrake 8.1

In the meantime: My system is now not at the state that I described I'm afraid things are getting worse but I feel I can find a solution somehow. I am learning how to use a console tools a little more as a consiquence. Unless I get a reply to this post telling me otherwise my next step is to try to enable agp fast writes. my proc sys file says my card/chipset supports it but is disabled. Also my agp status shows disabled. I'm going to try to download the tarballs for the nvidia kernel unpack them edit the os.registry-c file to enable those fast writes and agp then recompile the nvidia kernel(with luck). I know theres the "NvAGP "" you can place in the XF86Config-4 file and I tried that but it didn't seem to make an impact. I'm also going to go through my libcore e.t.c extensions and make sure there are none relating mesa in the same directory I saw the instructions on one of the posts other.

Conclusion: My brain is fried as why it would work perfectly and one reboot later perform like a computer with half it's power. My only guess is that maybe I was only using 2d support with the nvidia drivers before I restarted x but after that 3d support kicked in and drastically slowed down my box. Would the drivers cause such a great decrease in total system performance? Any help would really be appreciated.
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