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Default Re: Component out produces garbled screen

Originally Posted by netllama
I have a few questions:
0) Are you able to capture the corruption in a screenshot?
1) Are you using a composite cable directly between the TV & videocard, with no intermediary converters or devices?
2) Have you tried using a component cable instead? I don't believe that composite cables are capable of doing much more than 800x600 without severe signal degradation (similar to what you're reporting).
3) Have you tried setting the TVStandard option?

With respect to your 2nd problem, the permitted TV modes have always been fixed, however this wasn't explicitly logged until recent drivers.

0) When I get back in front of the TV, what I can do is take a picture of the output and post that.

1) I am using the component output from the dongle. The TV input used to be connected to a DVD player, so I know the input is good. There are no devices inbetween.

3) I've tried several compinations of TVStandard, of which 480p and 480i have been the only ones to successfully work.

Do you happen to know what the parameters of the modeline that the driver selects for 1080i actually is? I'm curious as to wether that mode is attempting to refresh too high, or something like that.

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