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Default Asus V9400-X 64M in 1600x1200

I have a V9400-X (MX4000) Asus card that I would like to run in 1600x1200 resolution. It works just fine in 1280x1024 mode but the nvidia driver refuse to start in higher resolution (from Xorg.0.log):

"(II) NVIDIA(0): Mode "1600x1200" is larger than BIOS programmed panel size of 1280 x 1024. Removing."

The card is speced to be able to run in a much higher resolution so this can not be a hardware problem.

Is there a way arround this, or do I need to get another graphics card that is supported under Linux ?

Thanks in advance

PS: I am running SuSE9.2 and will probably upgrade to 10.1 soon.
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