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Default Re: SLED 10 Rocks

I am curious to know what difference there is between SuSE 10.1 ans SLED 10 ?

I have had SuSE since 8.2 and always found it best suited for me (though I seriously tried ~8 other distro's).

I also love the Xgl
It took a bit of tweaking, with the Nvidia card, but I found 'the Jem Report' and that guided me along. Stangely "Jem" hates Xgl.

As said the transparency level with alt+mouse wheel is a dream, no clikking, changeing screens... just a quick peek at what is underneath, love it.

Some say the Xgl does not add to any productivity enhancement.... I disagree. A happy PC user is a productive user
The wobly windows, HA there's a feature ! Have you tried to go back to a desktop without Xgl after that ? It feels like "wood". It is so natural the way a window behaves when being dragged.... like a piece of paper. Without it a desktop feels very 2D.
Also due to the Cube I now do use the 4 desktops -finally- to sort and group my running progs.

When I use a KDE desktop however the "rain" function does not work and also the transparent windows when being dragged. Both do work if I switch to another user with a Gnome desktop.

Haven't been able to solve this. Anyone with a bright idea ?
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