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Originally posted by advait
Wrong drivers. 4180 is for AMD's Opterons, which aren't even out yet. Use 4191, the "IA32" driver.

Originally posted by troystar
install: cannot stat `nvidia.o': No such file or directory
Post some of the error messages that were printed before that one. The reason nvidia.o can't be stat'ed is that it was never created, and there's a reason that nvidia.o never got created. That reason is in the previous error messages.

Originall posted by numike
So I have a new kernel and no driver in the boot libs. How do I put a NVdriver there is my novice question. Right question?
Yep. You install the kernel source corresponding (version-wise) to your running kernel, make sure that that kernel is still running, and compile the NVIDIA_kernel package. Using the .tar.gz drivers would be easier in this case, since that way, you don't have to worry about NVIDIA_GLX requiring the (old) NVIDIA_kernel to be installed. If you rebuild the .src.rpm, then you'll have to remove the old GLX, remove the old kernel, install the new kernel, and reinstall the new GLX.

Before you start the compile, make sure that there's a /lib/modules/<current kernel version>/build symlink that points at the base of the kernel source for whatever kernel you're currently running.
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