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Default Re: Why so much hostility?

Originally Posted by Clark Kent
What I don't understand is why the atheists throw such tantrums whenever a discussion about religion is held. Why do they care. I thought that the whole idea about atheithism is to not believe and concern yourself with anything that you can't have a firm grasp of ("A ghostly man who doesn't show himself"). Mind you those guys, I believe, do not even have a firm grasp of science but still they profess ABSOLUTE faith in its ability to explain anything.
Atheists amuse me. They exercise faith every day. Driving down the road they have faith that the strip of paint dividing the two lanes will be adhered to by some slack-jawed moron hopped up on meth. I find that far more ridiculous and flawed than someone believing in God. They fancy themselves as being clever though...far too educated and advanced than to believe in anything but themselves.
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