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Default Re: 7600GS and SLED10?


So all i need to do is run

nvidia-xconfig --sli=on and everything should run fine after?


Try re-installing 8762 and give a go.

the SuSE sax2 util is great and everything, however the functionality it has for enabling 3d graphics is just the equiv of 2d only for the intel and radeon drivers (Not ati's fglrx nor nvidia's nvidia driver). It's made to work with the drivers included with X, but these days, that limits the scope of hardware it is compatible with.

so when using binary drivers from ati or nvidia, using Sax2 to config 3d doesn't do the trick., don't trust it.
For best results, check your Xorg.0.log file (/var/log/) and see if it says it's using the driver or not
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