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Exclamation legacy: suspend works, but cooling fan doesnt restart


I use the latest nvida-legacy-package with version 7182, und suspend
to disk works out of the box with my old GeForce1. Thanks nVidia!

During suspend/restore the frambuffer (vga=794 1280x1024) is blanked, but
thats no real problem for me. But there is another bad problem:

After turning the system on (the fan is running) and while the restore from
disk begins, the cooling fan of my graphics board is completely stopped (in
the same moment the framebuffer is blanked). When restore finished and X
comes back, the fan still will _not_ be reenabled. It is getting very hot, and
I have to reboot, to reenable it.

I dont want to destroy the Hardware, but Suspendw2disk is very nice.

What should I do to reenable the fan?
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