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Originally posted by John Reynolds
JC also said that a year ago and considering his OpenGL stance that's certainly reasonable. However, a lot has changed in that past year:

1) ATi beat Nvidia to market with a DX9 part by over six months and have given quite a few 9700 boards to developers
2) ATi's drivers have continued to improve by quite a bit.

I still think it's fairly safe to say that Nvidia holds a plurality of developer support, though.
Yes, they have. But don't you note the game bugs that've popped up....DS 1024x768 with 4x FSAA was broken a bit back, Freelancer had stuttering, now apparently Shadowbane has issues...

Seriously, I'd do development on nVidia cards also seeing stuff like that.

I'm not saying the 9700 has bad drivers, I'm just saying that the first two of these issues I certainly would've run into.
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