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Default Re: Multiple cards and multiple heads on one card problems

Originally Posted by David_Jones
I think in your
Section "Device"

    Identifier "Device2"
    Driver "nvidia"
    VendorName "NVIDIA Corporation"
    BusID "PCI:2:1:0"
    Screen 2

bit...the "Screen 2" shouldn't be there... As far as I understand that Screen 0,1 is to specify which output of a dual head card to use and since this is the first port on this card to use either set it to 0 or take it out completely. Just an idea...I'm no expert since I'm having similar troubles...have a dual head 6800U which I can run both at the same time as independant screens but running one at a time (trying to use a separate kbd and mouse on each) it gives me issues (same as yours) for the second monitor.

I think this is due to it only using one device section (the one with "Screen 2") and not knowing/understanding whats going on? Lol can someone help me too?
ha! and you win the prize. Actually there were two problems: first the motherboard I had and its bios really really had problems with more then
one video card plugged in to the system.

The second was indeed just as you said.. 'Screen 2' in the config section was an error.. only to be used when telling which head of a two-head card the monitor goes on. I removed that line (and I got a new MB as well to deal with the lockups) and it is all just working. Very happy. Thanks.
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